Spa Party in your Living Room
First thing to remember is: RELAX

What's the secret to hosting a Sensational Spa Party?
Invite lots of people!
Your Rutherford Reserve Spa Party will be a relaxing & rejuvenating

Follow these simple tips for a perfect at-home getaway:

Plan you guest list:
Make a list of 20 or more people you know who deserve some
Hostess tip: Invite twice as many guests as you plan for to allow
for cancellations.

Make you invitations personal:
Along with calling everyone on your list and asking them to
save the date you may want to consider E-invitations that
keep track of responses.

Call your friends a couple days before your Spa Party to
remind them of their upcoming pampering experience.
Encourage them to be on time so they don't miss a thing!

Get Pre-spa sales:
When someone says they can't attend, ask if they would like
to order from the Rutherford Reserves' line of products. This
is a great way to increase your Spa sales, thereby increasing
your hostess rewards.

Think of what kind of Spa Party you want to have? Indulgent,
with wine and chocolates? Light & Refreshing, with lemon
water and veggie plate?

Your Rutherford Reserve consultant will bring everything you
need for a pampering, rejuvenating getaway in the comfort of
your own home.

To book a party please EMAIL
Hostess Rewards:

Purchase Credit-
Receive 10% credit for retail sales
from your party! Example: Host a party
with $500 in sales and you receive
$50 in FREE products

Half-Price Gifts-
For every $100 in  retail sales at your
party, you qualify to purchase any
product at half price! Example: Host a
party with $500 in sales and you
qualify to purchase up to 5 items at
50% off!

Booking Gifts-
You'll receive a half-priced item for
each person at your party who
and holds a home spa party of their

FREE Gifts-
You'll receive a FREE gift for hosting a
party with $100 or more in retail sales.