Special Occasion Favors
Ever been to a   
party where
guest's take other
guest's favors
when they're not

With custom labels and
distinctive packaging
made just for your
event,we're sure you'll
find our unique favors

You pick the fragrance
and customize the
wording on the label.
*Soap: 30-50 $1.25 each     51-100 $1.00 each   101+ $.75 each
* Prices are per ounce

*Lotion: 30-50 $2.00 each    51-100 $1.75 each 101+ $1.50 each
* 1ounce bottles

*Lip Balm: 30-50 $2.25 each   51-100 $2.00 each 101+ $1.75 each
*.15 tube

Incense: Price varies according to number in package

email to discuss details on orders of this kind.